Thursday, February 02, 2006


It's been over a month since I posted on here, but it's been a very busy month, so it's okay. Obviously we had the Christmas holidays, Daddy was off work, and we were all very busy. We visited lots of people and I got lots of nice presents and enjoyed playing with everyone.

After Christmas Mummy got chicken pox, we then had central heating installed, and then we all got colds (really snotty ones...) so we've all been a bit zonked this year!

So when we're all healthy again and things have gone back to normal I promise to come and do a proper update, okay?!?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New photo's, loopy parents....

Sunday just gone we went to Riverside Country park, and Mummy took some new photographs of me - here are a few of the best. We ran about and I fell into the mud a few times, and I think we all had a lovely time. We also watched some seagulls for a while, I liked that very much. But when we got home, I think Mummy and Daddy finally flipped, because they brought a tree into the front room! They put lights on it - lovely gorgeous lights that they won't let me bite even though they look so edible, and they put tinsel on it (but only the tinsel I wasn't wearing) and lots of tempting, shiny dangly things, some of which
are...just...within...reach... I'm not sure why they've done it - but I like it.

What else? Mummy and Daddy keep moving things out of my way, that keeps happening at the moment and I'm getting very annoyed by it. (I shout at them when they do it). They say that 'it's not mine' but I don't see how that could be true. Some of them are clearly toys and some others are wrapped up in shiny paper! So who else could they be for, hmm?

They seem quite tense. I don't know why.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Meeting Santa...

Last night, right, I met this man. He was quite chubby, and dressed in red, with these natty black boots, a very odd hat (he must have a mummy like mine) and a very fluffy white beard. He was very cheerful, and Mummy and Daddy said his name was Father Christmas. Now, what's this all about? I wouldn't shake his hand - I was too busy staring and staring and staring, though I did smile at him, and he was very nice. But how is he the daddy of a day? I don't really remember last Christmas, though I've seen photographs of how stylish I looked (dressed fairly similarly to this man, actually) and I do remember tinsel. Tinsel is great, I like tinsel. Even the word. tinsel tinsel tinsel. But what is it all about? Mummy and Daddy have been talking about Christmas and I know secrets are involved. I guess I'll find out...

Other news - I got my first pair of shoes! And I walk in them everywhere I can (though Mummy and Daddy do seem to like stopping me quite often). I'm *very* good at walking now and walked around the shopping centre where we met Father Christmas. I can also, when music plays (or when 'Boogie Beebies' is on) walk 'round in a circle, dancing! I do look very good doing it, I'm sure...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Halloween and more...

Just had my first Halloween trick or treating session...well, I went to Nanny's and to Grandma's wearing my 'little devil' costume. They thought I looked very good! (Mummy kept taking my picture too). Daddy had the day off work and we went to the local shopping centre and lots and lots of people smiled at me! We had noodles for lunch which was lots of fun.

In the week Mummy and I went to Hemsby for three days with Grandma, Great GRandma, and Auntie Karen - but NO DADDY! I slept for lots of the journey, and we managed to get into Hamsby sea-front, to see the lights (and dogs, lots and lots of dogs) and we also went to the beach, where they stopped me from eating sand and stones. It was lovely having all my lovely female relations with me to look after me and play with me, and we were very lucky with the weather too - I even wore a sexy sleeveless vest on the way home - but I didn't sleep very well and I did miss my Daddy...and my toys.

In the last few days my walking has come on leaps and bounds (well, I'm not *THAT* advanced yet). A couple of months ago I managed my first steps, but I'm such a careful little boy that I refused to do any more until I could do it properly, without falling over, or running fullout till I crash land. I'm very good at it now - I can walk a bit, stop, crouch down, stand up again, and carry on walking! I can even kick a ball while I do it too! It helped seeing Auntie Keira on Sunday and Nathaniel on Monday as they both walk and run about.

Today Grandma is coming over this evening and I might just show her how much I've improved since Sunday!

Friday, September 16, 2005

So much happening now I'm 1!

It's been a month since the last post and what a busy month I've had! My birthday party, closely followed by my birthday. My second holiday, this time with Nanny, Auntie Cath, Jospeh, Nathaniel, and Ollie-dog (as well as Mummy & Daddy). Walking practice, Grandma's barbecue...all kinds of exciting things.

My birthday party was excellent fun, and soo many people came. I got lots of nice gifts and we ate lots of nice food - I like cheese, and cherry tomatoes, and chicken goujons most of all. Birthday cake! Yummy! My actual birthday was nice too, less people but still Nanny, Grandma and Auntie Cath and Nathaniel, Daddy came home a bit earlier too.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Busy Weekend

What a crazy weekend. The biggest thing for me is that I've got a new bedroom! Mummy & Daddy finally took Mummy's old desk out and put my toy shelves up instead, so apart from the cupboard where Mummy hides her new computer, the whole room is finally mine! I've got a Peter Rabbit rug on the floor (to go with the pictures on the wall, the clock, and the lampshade) and all my favourite toys ad books are wihtin easy reach. I've also got lots of room to crawl around and scatter my toys about. It's lovely!

We also went to Homebase & B&Q which were fairly boring though I did watch all the people and managed to chew the end of a plant while nobody was looking. Mummy & Daddy bought lots of plants but didn't let me chew any of them. I'm sure my time will come. They bought some paint too and now two walls in our living room are white! I think it must be so that I can decorate them later on, so it's very kind of them!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Birthday preparations...

There seems to be a lot going on at the moment and Mummy seems quite stressed. She keeps making Daddy do things as well, and they're both doing those jobs they've been meaning to do for ages. I'm trying to help by being busy too and making sure I explore and climb as much as I can, and eat everything I find. They've made me a huge birthday list which is very exciting.

MY BIRTHDAY LIST (lots of ideas for all the family!)
A ride-on walker quad bike!! (I think Nanny's getting this, and I'm very excited about it, though I suspect there won't be a motor in it...)
More books, especially touchy-feely ones (and The Gruffalo's Child book too).
toys with wheels to push along the floor
wooden toys
toys for stacking, putting together, or putting things in other things.
baby jigsaws
letters or a name plaque for my door
nice cot -bed bedding
stay put cutlery (that suckers to the highchair, so I can't throw it on the floor)
V-Tech Magic Moves Baby Ball (to crawl about after)
My First Photo Album from Marks & Spencer (so I can flick through and look at pictures of me, and Daddy and Mummy, without them worrying I'll screw them up or rip them).
Early Learning Centre Electronic Activity Cube (it's very busy)
Early Learning Centre Rhythm band (it's got a drum, a xylophone, and cymbals!)

Of course, I don't mind what presents I get as I'll be more excited by the wrapping paper, but I am looking forward to my party on Sunday 21st, as all my family will be there all together and everyone's going to be watching me and playing with me. Well, me and my cousin Nathaniel, and my Auntie Keira, anyway. It's going to be lots of fun!